Latrobe Valley Mine Rehabilitation Planning – One Year On

On 26 June 2018, Latrobe Valley Mine Rehabilitation Commissioner (LVMRC) Emeritus Professor Rae Mackay and representatives of the Latrobe Valley Regional Rehabilitation Strategy (LVRRS) project team presented to the community an update on their work of the last 12 months.

A total of 83 people attended the event, a testament to the interest and engagement the local community has concerning mine rehabilitation.

The Commissioner’s office prepared displays outlining some of the key rehabilitation issues, including:

+ advantages and disadvantages of different rehabilitation options

+ mechanics of mine stabilisation

+ timeline for rehabilitation of the Latrobe Valley mines

The displays proved an interesting talking point for audience members as they chatted with experts, government representatives and members of the local community before and after the event.

LVMRC Technical Specialist Rhonda Hastie acted as MC for the night, welcoming the audience and acknowledging the traditional owners.

Formal presentations commenced with Professor Mackay providing a broad overview of the achievements of his first 12 months as Commissioner, which included attending around 150 meetings with local community groups and members; advising the minister, government and the mines on planning for mine closure and rehabilitation; assisting the LVRRS and mines with progressing strategic plans and other activities to progress rehabilitation; and providing expert advice and input into a plethora of research activities which are supporting development of rehabilitation plans and strategies. Professor Mackay then gave the audience an insight into some of the work and challenges he will be involved with over the next year, including regional modelling studies, completion of Hazelwood’s ‘No Regrets’ work, and advising on closure and rehabilitation plans for Hazelwood and Yallourn.

LVRRS Project Manager Anthony Feigl provided background on the LVRRS project, including its mandate, framework and timeframes.

LVRRS geotechnical stream leader Michael Mozina gave an overview of the Regional Geotechnical Study, including the progress of its various component studies and some preliminary findings. He provided an insight into major geotechnical risks associated with operating mines, including stress relief and batter movement, block sliding movement and batter failure, and consolidation and subsidence. He also highlighted key areas for investigation by the LVRRS around the potential impacts of pit lake filling on regional land stability. The Regional Geotechnical Study and associated modelling work is scheduled for completion in mid-2019.

Next, LVRRS water specialist Dr Brett Davis discussed the progress of the Regional Water Study. Baseline and scoping studies have been completed, and work is commencing on modelling studies. The baseline and scoping studies found that water is currently fully allocated, which is an issue that government will need to consider as rehabilitation planning progresses.

Finally, Ann Kirwan gave the audience an update on the Regional Land Use Study, which aims to provide input into the LVRRS from a land policy perspective. The Regional Land Use Study team has been engaging with the Latrobe Valley community to discover their views on potential final land use, as well as preparing a report on the social history of the region. The study is still in its community consultation phase, and so the audience were invited to get in touch with the team through their website.

A Q&A session followed the formal presentations, with audience members given the opportunity to put their questions to the presenters. Detailed notes on the Q&A session can be found here.


All material presented on the night, including slides and information charts are available for download.

Presentation (PDF)

Question and answer session (PDF)

Infographic – advantages and disadvantages of different rehabilitation options (PDF)

Infographic – mechanics of mine-aquifer stabilisation (PDF)

Infographic – timeline for rehabilitation of the Latrobe Valley mines (PDF)



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